We have been here in Nairobi for three wonderful days. I am staying in the Wildebeest Eco Camp in the suburb of Karen.

I have a very nice tented room here. Located on the premises are a restaurant, bar and swimming pool.

Today I went to a couple of Nairobis top attraction, if you judge by the number of western tourist at least.

First stop was the Giraffe Center where orphan and injured are rehabilitated and returned to the wild. We hand fed them and observed them in very close quarters. These are beautiful graceful animals and a real thrill to see. On the down side this had some elements of exploitation of these wild animals.

Better was the world renowned David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Sanctuary.

This is located within the massive Nairobi National Park. The elephants and rhinos are brought in from Kenyan regions when it becomes clear that they will die without intervention. Only baby or young animals are accepted. The elephants and rhinos are shown on a strict 11-12 pm schedule. Each baby is introduced and the story of where and how they were found is told. It is explained that they are fed in the morning ( they are babies and unable to feed themselves and of course have no mothers) then turned out into the park with wild elephants and other animals so that they are used to being in the wild.