We are met along the main Addis-Nairobi road by Peter who will be our guide for the next few days.

We drive several miles back in the bush to the Samburu tribal village. We are met by the villagers dressed in traditional clothing. We are given a welcome dance by the women. We are then led to where the younger children are assembled. They recite their version of the abc songs, and show that they can count all done in English!

That night they cook up a feast that we all eat together. We have a delicious beef stew over rice.

Then when it gets late we build up the campfire and the tribal men dance. After a bit the ladies join in the singing and dancing. It’s not long until we tourists join in dancing and singing as well. We are guarded in the compound all night as hyenas are a threat. I slept warm and safe with a full belly under the brilliant African stars.