We were invited to visit a very small Maasai village. I estimate about 70 people lived there. We were received with a welcome speech by the headman and a traditional welcome dance by the Warriors. They were a little dressed up for the occasion but they do wear the Maasai blanket as daily dress.
The Massai have their wealth in cattle. The village has a fence around it and each night the cattle and goats are brought in to protect them from wild animals. In the day time each herd or has a full time Shepard .
The milk is a key food product for them.
We were taken into the houses as guests. The houses are made of cow dung, mud and straw with roofs thatched. Inside it is dark as they have no electricity at all. There is a simple firelight so they can cook and make the flat bread. There are beds but not much else.
Each village produces everything they need for food. They shun traditional medicine and relay on local plants and the village healer. They will say that they don’t get sick or that the local medicine takes care of everything. Privately they will admit that malaria and yellow fever are serous problems and people die from them.
We of course were offered blankets and bracelets for sale and we all bought blankets because it was so cold at night.
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