Today we cross Africa’s Great Rift Valley on the way to the Masaai Mara area of Kenya.
We stop on the eastern escarpment and look across the broad valley.

The craft shops have interesting, exotic items for sale.
The highway is good, and busy with trucks and cars. As we move out of Nairobi I see large fields of corn. The crop looks good. This is a truck route, so you see plenty of cheap hotels and truck stops. Roadside vendors dig simple fire pits and sell roasted corn to the truck drivers.

Police road blocks are common, with the dual purpose of looking for human trafficking and extracting fines from the drivers.

As we cross the valley we see many small herds of goats and cattle. As it has been for thousands of years each small herd has a Shepard and these are almost always young boys.

We arrive at our campsite, pitch our tents and prepare for our early morning game drive.
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