Arriving in Nairobi on a cool rainy winter day via a short layover in Addis Ababa; my luggage arrived on an earlier flight so we had to find it but the guys had set it aside safely so we got through immigration with minimal hassle. I bought some Kenyen shillings and jumped in a taxi to the hotel.
Arrive at the Fairview hotel which is very secure and well garded. The grounds are a lovely tropical garden.
Took an afternoon trip to the Karen Blixon Museum this afternoon and I thought it was moving to see and experience so closely what her life had been like on this coffee plantation. There were pictures of her and her men.

This morning my driver is waiting and we leave by 7 to see the Nairobi National Park. It is all that I expected. I see most every large
Mammal that Kenya has to offer right here. Best were the rhinos which were very much larger than I expected, a Vernal Cat which is unusual, Zebras, many types of antelope. We saw what looked like. Log across the road. As we got close it was a python! We let it pass.
We stopped at an area to see some crocodiles. You have to go with an armed ranger to get there but it is a great hike down to a swampy area and the crocs we big ones.

After searching for hours we find the Lions. There is a pair feeding on a kill beside the road so we just pull over and watch from 25 feet away. I can hear the bones crunch as the big male eats. Every now and then he looks straight at me with that cold cat stare and you know he would kill you just like that gazelle.
June 22-24
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