The sun shines on us all

Overland Trip through Eastern and Southern Africa

The Dragoman Overland trip stated in Nairobi and ended in Victoria Falls

I took a trip to Africa. I had long wanted to visit this massive continent. I finally got the chance, and I took an overland tour. You can see what this means  by checking out the Dragoman site or looking through my site.  I travelled through many countries, as detailed in my itinerary page. I had a lot of interaction with people that lived in many countries. I was fortunate in that English is widely spoken in eastern African countries, and to a lesser degree in the southern countries. I have written of many of the places and people in the links from this page. I met so many really great people in every country.  In so many cases I saw hard working, entrepreneurial people, that while not having access to a formal economy, nonetheless manage. I talked to Christian and Muslim alike.

I saw an amazing variety of animals as well. They are beautiful and amazing. It is tragic to see how they are dying from poaching and loss of habitat. I am glad I went, and like many tourists I talked to, believe that the nativc animals will be gone in just a couple of decades,  except for a few zoo type experiences.

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